Monday's Child is a children's wear company based in London, designing and hand making classic designs with traditional roots. Miranda and Patricia head up the brand, with a small team of women making every one of our garments by hand from start to finish. 

We believe in the longevity in our timeless pieces by passing them on to next generations as a result of the high quality of the garments. Every time you buy a dress from Monday’s Child you are buying a garment made to last and be treasured, and helping support small business.

“...a wonderful mixture of timeless fashion and contemporary style for children...”

 Founder of Monday's Child Miranda is the creative force behind the name. With a degree in fashion, and previous work as an embroidery designer for Oscar de la Renta, she heads up all of the creative decisions for the brand. 

“I have always loved designing and making clothes for children. Something about creating timeless garments that you know will be worn by children now and in 10, 20, 30 years is so magical, and you hope as a designer that when someone buys and wears one of your designs they understand the passion and love behind every garment.”


From start to finish, every garment from Monday's Child is either made by or overseen by Miranda or Patricia. Miranda is the key designer behind every Monday's Child garment, and takes time to design each garment by hand. All of our smocked dresses go through sketches, smocking plate designs and fabric decisions before being released.