Monday’s Child is a luxury occasion wear company for children, with dresses designed and made in the heart of London at Somerset House. Everything is made by hand in our studio and delivered to your door in our bespoke mailer boxes, made from recycled cardboard and designed to look like and be used as a dolls house once they have served their initial delivery purpose.

We believe in the longevity in our timeless pieces by passing them on to little sisters and next generations as a result of the high quality of the garments, and use of natural fabrics. Every time you buy a dress from Monday’s Child you are buying a garment made to last and be treasured and helping support small business.

“...a wonderful mixture of timeless fashion and contemporary style for children...”

With her formative years of design in London and New York, founder of Monday’s Child Miranda Stanford channels her feminine approach to clothing and fashion in a contemporary perspective. Inspired by her love of family and nostalgia, Miranda utilises her creativity and attention to detail to create charming outfits loved by children and adults alike.

“I have always loved designing and making clothes for children. Something about creating timeless garments that you know will be worn by children now and in 10, 20, 30 years is so magical, and you hope as a designer that when someone buys and wears one of your designs they understand the passion and love behind the garment.”


Every time you buy a dress from Monday’s Child you are buying a garment made to last and be treasured; and helping support small business.

300,000 tonnes of fashion waste goes into landfill each year. Buying quality garments from independent retailers is the sustainable answer.

Our dresses are made to be enjoyed by generations to come, passed down from mother to daughter, sister to sister, and between friends.

Sustainability is at the core of our business, and we want to make sure that our environmental footprint is as low as possible.

Our garments are all designed and made in our studio at Somerset House and we only use natural fabrics - most of which are sourced from UK suppliers. Our sustainable efforts are also reflected in our packaging. Made from recycled cardboard and designed to look like a dolls house we want our packaging to serve a dual purpose and be a keepsake that goes along with your dress.

"The key is to bring the magic of our brand across all consumer touchpoints, with the packaging being a crucial way of expressing this. The beauty of receiving a Monday's Child dress doesn't begin with the dress, it begins with opening the box of that dress - un-tieing the bow with the Monday's Child seal, seeing the iconic Little Pink House and revealing the dress inside.”

We believe that together we can create a sustainable future for fashion. We are on a mission to combat clothing waste, by providing our customers with beautiful heirloom garments handmade to last for generations to come.